Free Raised® Beef

Good for You
  • Grass fed and grass finished beef has been shown to be lower in total fat, calories and cholesterol than grain finished beef.
  • Grass fed and grass finished beef has shown to have 2-3 times more CLAs than grain finished beef, and is higher in Omega 3s, and Vitamin E—which protects against heart
    disease and cancer.

Good for the Cattle
  • Pasture raising, along with an all-forage diet, develops strong immune systems, eliminating the need for antibiotics.
  • Heritage-bred cattle are ideal for grass finishing, eliminating the need for growth hormones.

Good for the Earth
Properly grazed pastures:
  • Dramatically reduce fossil fuel usage associated with row crop production
  • Eliminate greenhouse gases from the atmosphere more efficiently than forested land
  • Protect water quality by reducing topsoil erosion

Why Should You Care?
There is growing awareness of the long-term negative impact that results from confinement
raising and grain finishing of beef cattle. Today’s consumers are seeking out high quality,
healthy, 100% grass fed and grass finished American beef; raised according to old world
traditions—providing beef that is good for their family, the cattle and the earth.