Free Raised® Beef


Free Raised Grass Fed Beef
Free Raised Grass Fed Beef

Strauss Free Raised® Grass Fed Beef farmers are passionate about the grass they grow and the land they preserve. They take pride in their craft and follow nature’s way. Their sustainably grazed pastures produce a diverse variety of grasses, ensuring our heritage-bred cattle enjoy a year-round, all-forage diet that is rich in nutrients and energy. This allows us to raise our cattle naturally, free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

The Free Raised® Difference

Our propriety, all natural raising methods were created to “go beyond” organic. Our beef is consistently tender and delicious because our farmers are experts in the art of grass finishing. They graze their cattle slowly and patiently, to produce authentic, great tasting grass fed beef
consumers and their families will love.

• 100% grass fed and grass finished

• Raised on open pastures; never raised in feedlots

• Never administered antibiotics or growth hormones

• Agriculturally sustainable and environmentally friendly

• Born and raised in the USA by family farmers