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Demi Glace and Glace de Veau, both veal stock reductions, are a labor of love.  They typically require 12–24 hours to make.   Demi glace (often misspelled demi glaze) and Glace de Veau have been cornerstones of French cuisine and sauce recipes for hundreds of years; both are classic veal stock reductions.   

Demi Glace and Glace de Veau are stock reductions made from roasted veal bones, fresh herbs, and vegetables.  Veal stocks provide natural concentrations of collagen, gelatin, and rich nutrients.  When used in a sauce recipe, veal stock reductions provide flavor and nutrition and provide a velvety smooth finish.  Glace de Veau is typically used as a base in a sauce recipe but is not a sauce itself.  Demi Glace, as the name implies, is “part” (demi) Glace de Veau and is then further refined and finished with additional ingredients.  Demi Glace is typically a combination of fifty percent Glace de Veau and fifty percent Espanola Sauce (brown sauce). 

Although other bone types can be used, veal stock reductions are the most prized by chefs because veal bones contain more collagen, which breaks down easily to form gelatin during the reduction process.  This gives Demi Glace and Glace de Veau its unparalleled body, delicate flavor, and velvety smoothness, helping you make superb sauce recipes.
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