Veal's New Direction

Strauss Group-Raised veal:

• 100% Tether-Free
• 100% Crate Free
• Group-Raised
• Never Administered Hormones
• Born and Raised in the U.S.A.


Strauss Brands is committed to producing humanely raised veal.  Our Strauss Group-Raised, Special-Fed veal is creamy and tender, just as chefs and consumers remember, but, now it is even better because it is raised in a humane, compassionate manner.

You can feel good about enjoying veal again when it is Strauss Group-Raised veal.  Our calves are never,  tethered or crated, and are finished in a group environment.  A humane, tether-free raising environment allows calves to express their natural behaviors, and to enjoy freedom of movement.  This results in healthier calves – good for the calves and good for you.

Strauss Brands is the only veal company is the U.S. to raise 100% of our Special-Fed veal calves in a tether-free, crate-free, group-raised environment – a full nine years ahead of the voluntary industry deadline.   Ask your family butchers or grocers if they sell Strauss veal to be sure you are enjoying compassionately and humanely raised veal.