What is the diet of American Lamb?

As ruminants, sheep efficiently convert renewable resources to high quality food.  In many areas of the country, sheep eat crop residue or agriculture byproducts and they forage resources that are otherwise unusable by humans or many other livestock.  Sheep also play an important role in the control of noxious weeds, such as leafy spurge, which has spread over much of the nation’s rangeland.

The ideal pasture land for American lambs is not lawn-like grass, but an array of grasses, legumes and forbs, such as clover, alfalfa and milkweed.  Their diet varies, depending upon the region in which they are grazed.  Lambs are well suited to graze mountainous and rough terrain, which is otherwise inaccessible to other livestock.

While being grain finished, the diet of American lambs gradually transitions from forages to grains, such as corn.  Grain finishing helps to ensure that the lamb will have the mild, buttery flavor and larger portion size that many Americans prefer and for which Strauss American Lamb is known.

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