Our Secret is Authenticity

Derived from the historical famed
French heritage breed - Limousin.

Elegant, Tender,
Amazing Veal.

We are delighted that Strauss Meadow Reserve veal was chosen by Food & Wine Magazine as one of the top food gifts for this holiday season. We wish to thank Food & Wine Magazine for bestowing this honor on one of our signature lines, Strauss Meadow Reserve, available exclusively from Allen Brothers.

Because we care about our animals, our planet, and the foods we produce, we have revived the tradition of historically authentic pasture-raised veal. Veal to feel good about. Strauss Meadow Reserve veal is raised outdoors on pasture - having free range, to enjoy nature's intended diet of mother's milk and natural pasture grasses.

The natural flavor and tenderness of our Meadow Reserve veal, comes from the elite heritage breed - Limousin. Exceptionally tender and packed with authentic flavor, Meadow Reserve veal is surprisingly lower in fat and cholesterol than a boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Show that you care by sharing Strauss Meadow Reserve veal with your family and friends this holiday season. Allen Brothers makes it easy with a complete line of Strauss Meadow Reserve veal cuts and entrées.

Raised to these exceptional standards by our exclusive network of family farmers and ranchers:

Strauss Meadow Reserve Calves:
Free to roam – never tethered or raised in confinement
Raised on natural open pastures alongside mother and herd
Never raised in feedlots
Unlimited access to mother’s milk
Never ever administered growth hormones or antibiotics
Strictly vegetarian fed – never receiving animal by-products
Agriculturally sustainable and environmentally friendly