Strauss Brands Incorporated
The Strauss family believes in supporting independent family farmers and ranchers.   We believe American family farmers and ranchers are the backbones of our rural communities, and a cornerstone of American agriculture.  It is our hope that by doing our part to support these hard working individuals, we can all grow and prosper together.

Dear Family Farmers and Ranchers,

We are looking for like-minded producers to join our team in the humane raising of veal calves.  If you are interested in raising either Group Raised, Special fed veal, Free Raised veal, or American Lamb for Strauss Brands, please contact us to learn how we can work together.

Randy and Tim Strauss
Randy and Tim Strauss

Livestock Buyers:
Ray Krones – Free Raised veal, American Lamb – 815-867-0528
Strauss Brands Office, 800-562-7775

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