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A good sauce recipe can change an ordinary
dish into something extraordinary. It is our
desire to demystify the art of creating
delicious sauce recipes from veal stock
reductions.  Free Raised Glace de
Veau now makes it possible for
any home cook or “foodie”
to be a master saucier.

  Sauce Recipes featuring Glace de VeauSauce Recipes
featuring Glace de Veau

Experience the benefits that
chefs have known for centuries...

  Chef Tom Sausen Meet Chef Tom Sausen
creator of our Glace de Veau.

"I created Free Raised Glace de Veau,
a classic culinary roasted veal stock reduction
exclusively for Strauss. As a chef and saucier
with well over 30 years experience, my focus is to
produce chef-quality products for everyone...

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