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Free Raised Veal Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Raised veal?
Free Raised® veal is produced from calves born and raised in the open pasture, having unlimited access to their mothers’ milk, and never tethered or raised in confinement. These calves are free to roam acres of lush pasture beside their mothers and the rest of the herd.
Why haven’t I heard of Free Raised before?
Veal calves were raised in this same manner for centuries and were celebrated in literature and Scripture throughout antiquity. It was only after WWII that factory farming and the current practices of raising calves in confinement using a liquid‐feed diet became common in the United States.
Where are Strauss Free Raised calves cared for?
Our calves are born and pasture‐raised throughout the United States, we have developed a proprietary network of certified family farmers and ranchers who raise our calves to our exceptional standards – with care and respect, naturally. We “follow the grass” seasonally across the U.S. and hand select our market‐ready, Heritage‐bred veal calves from America’s abundant pastures.
What do you mean by Heritage Bred?
Strauss Free Raised veal is not only raised in the style passed down through the ages, it comes from truly ancient stock – France’s famed Limousin breed. Renowned for its flavor and quality for thousands of years, veal from Limousin calves is an Old World delicacy still treasured by Europe’s finest chefs.
How is Free Raised veal different from conventionally raised veal?
Free Raised® veal is exceptionally tender, while brimming with true authentic flavor, yet still delicate and versatile. This allows for the creation of unique new dishes, as well as traditional favorites. Visually, Free Raised® veal is richer in color than conventionally raised veal. A calf’s natural diet of mother’s milk and pasture provides healthy amounts of iron, which dictates the color of the meat. The benefits of this diet cannot be duplicated by the formula milk replacers used in raising conventional veal. The rich, healthy color of Strauss Free Raised® veal is your assurance of a healthy diet, natural pasture environment, and genuine flavor. In fact, in taste tests versus conventional, formula‐fed veal, Strauss Free Raised® veal won 25 out of 26 times.
What label claims are on Strauss Free Raised veal?

Strauss Free Raised® veal earned nine enviable USDA approved label claims:
  • Free to roam ‐ never tethered or raised in confinement
  • Raised on natural open pastures alongside mother and herd
  • Never raised in feedlots
  • Unlimited access to mother's milk
  • Never ever administered growth hormones
  • Never ever administered antibiotics
  • Strictly vegetarian fed – never receiving animal byproducts
  • Never experience the stress of industrialized farming
  • Traceable to place of birth
  • Agriculturally sustainable & environmentally friendly
Who is a Strauss Free Raised® veal customer?
Everyone. Our product aligns with current culinary trends, providing what today’s savvy consumers are seeking – authentic, all‐natural veal that is lean and nutritious while being raised ethically and sustainably with a small carbon footprint. Everyone now has permission to feel good about veal again.
What are the nutritional values?
The nutritional values for Strauss Free Raised® veal cause chickens to blush and make even the leanest steak envious. Yet our veal is packed with authentic, savory flavor and juicy goodness.
Nutritional Comparison,
per 100 Grams
Strauss Free Raised®
Veal Rib Chop, Lean
Chicken Breast,
Boneless, Skinless
Beef Ribeye,
Choice, Lean
Total Fat g 0.60 1.24 8.30
Total Saturated Fat g 0.30 0.33 3.23
Cholesterol mg 53.0 58.0 59.0
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